8 tips to avoid gender

8 tips to avoid gender

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The little ones usually have a bad time with the restraint, or if they are denied what they want to do. There are situations when you first try to avoid gender, prohibition. What are these? Our 8 tips can help.

Toddlers often try to dictate their will

Two-three-year-olds often try to dictate their will when they want to do things that their mother forbids. There are situations when it is better to avoid gender.

1. It's not good if you eat too much chocolate

If you don't want your little one to eat too many sweets, then don't tell him you can't eat more, but try it with another healthier snack. You can give her baby biscuits, fruit juices, milk powder, yogurt. You don't even have to bargain with him to eat chocolate tomorrow because He still doesn't understand the concept of time. If you get the food you love, you will quickly forget that you wanted to eat chocolate.

2. Food to eat, not to play

The little ones they like to play the game, not only are they familiar with the nazi at this time, so you would like to take a tap. You do not throw your cookie-stick on the ground to annoy you, but because it is very interesting as it falls on the ground. Whatever your anger is that you need to cover it up again, be patient with the little one and be careful about it. Instead of forbidding him, tell him that the kitchen, the dining room, is the place to eat, and then play with his toys in his room.

3. Do not demolish the cube tower

When your baby is playing a "bulldozer" and destroying his brother's cube tower, his behavior is most often not a sign of whimsy, since he can't even see how much the other one is. Х Simply see the tower, and at most you can think of how interesting it can be. Give it a try calmly, calmly explaining why your behavior is wrong is also helping to develop awareness and understanding.

4. The flowers must not be pruned

If you get a kid to cut off the flowers or trample on smaller bugs, or to scare the dog's tail, you should try to make them think that the bugs, the bugs and the dogs are living instead. When you take off the flowers or scold the dog, they are as much a headache as when they fall and bite themselves. The written attitude helps empathy in development, and also for the little one to recognize the myriad living things that appear on it.

5. Don't hurt the music

It is also advisable to avoid this prohibition when your child is rushed to your sibling, other child or adult. Of course, you should not let the aggressive behavior go with him. Instead of the gender, it may be better to teach them to tell you when they are guilty and do not lead the dyad to fighting. If you are patiently asking what he does, why he feels bad about what he tells him, the poison disappears, and he also forgets that he wanted to blame the other child.

6. Don't whine, so I didn't understand what you were saying

When the little ones learn new words, they can whine instead of talking, because it is simpler for them to communicate. Avoid "don't whine" or "stop whining" prohibitions, rather shield it, in simple words, without telling you what you want. This way you can convince them to speak clearly and willingly.

7. Mom's phone doesn't play

The little ones are very interested in the tools that adults use. We love to press the buttons on our remote controls, and the mobile phone is of particular interest to them. If you don't want your child to grab your phone, first give them a similar gaming phone, and second, put your cell phone in a place where he can't find it.

8. Don't touch me, hot!

Sometimes, "no" is not preceded by an explicit ban. If you are thinking of doing something small that can be dangerous that you can hurt, you should use "dangerous" instead of "not allowed". By doing this, you will learn that there are tools, equipment, objects that you better not touch because they are grief, pain can cause him.Related articles in the racket:
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