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Asthma in childhood: without alertness

Asthma in childhood: without alertness

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In the smallest, asthmatic symptoms are not uncommon, as is the fact that over time this is overcome. Care should be taken to examine, treat and treat symptoms, the patient, and the child is not aware of the disease.

Childhood asthma is very common among toddlers, and children can be affected by up to 5 percent and up to 8-10 percent, according to other estimates. However, we need to know that we can differentiate between allergies and non-allergies (for example, vнrusfertхzйs Choking (asthma). In any case, it is important that you recognize the symptoms, examine the child and receive appropriate treatment.
Most small babies are mostly asthmatic (and non-allergic), with less development, narrowing of the early warning system, and any infectious, inflammatory symptoms asthmatic symptoms. Parents may have typical asthma symptoms in their early years, and in addition to viral infections, allergies can also cause difficulty in breathing, suffocation and thirst. If you experience any of these, observe your child during sport, play and if symptoms recur, seek medical attention. Occasionally, as the system develops, the little ones "outgrow" asthma, but this requires that children get the proper treatment from the onset of the disease. However, there are some patients who do not die of the disease and persist in adulthood. In all cases, continuous medical control, appropriate treatment, and medication are essential.

The treatment of children with asthma is very important

In case of a slight asthma attack, difficulty in breathing, open a window, put it on hold and consult a doctor as soon as possible. If your child is already under regular medical treatment and we have adequate medication to treat the seizure, then proceed accordingly. Do not neglect the coughs, so take it to the doctor with the symptoms that do not disappear. Also, make sure you get plenty of fluids because you suffer from increased fluid loss with difficulty.
If it has happened in the family asthma disease, It is worth paying special attention to the signs of small asthma. Within the home, we strive to minimize the number of allergenic substances and, in an increasing number of forums, point out that the addition of baby food makes it possible to preserve the breast milk more effectively, as well.
You don't even have to worry if your child turns out to have asthma. Babies and toddlers are nowadays modern, a medication inhalation devices They are available and, with constant control of the lymphatic function, the addition of these, adjusted to the child's condition, may result in a asymptomatic state. It is important that we allow our asthmatic child to exercise as if he or she is healthy. Of course, there may be situations and sports that are more fortunate to avoid, as the state of health suggests, but basically children can have a full life of asthma. Do not develop sickness in your child! In addition to medication, we can live with "natural aids," and you can visit a salt cave, for example, which can have a beneficial effect on a child with asthma.