Features of the intelligent man

Features of the intelligent man

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Highly intelligent people seem to be depressed, worried about the future, asking for a lot, and quite messy. But beyond that, what are all the features about them?

Features of intelligence

Daily Mail has compiled a list of 10 features for intelligent people, with all its features (maybe in a bit of a blur) based on the results of scientific studies.

1. The intelligent man is left-handed.

In everyday life, it can often be problematic, but left-handed people are better at math than the average.

2. The intelligent man is messy.

Many people believe that a well-organized office desk and home are the keys to productivity, though the saying is that genius has chosen chaos: it can simply focus better.

3. The intelligent man calls for a lot.

Pretty speech is the key to varied language and color expression, further implying liberating, which is good for creativity.

4. The intelligent man makes you laugh.

They need sophisticated thinking with humor, so not everyone can make others laugh, only smart people.

5. The intelligent man is lying.

According to a 2009 study, owls have a higher IQ than lice.

6. The intelligent man did not have sex with a teenager.

A 2000 American study found that young people with high thirst for money did not have sex in their teens.

7. Intelligent people worry a lot.

The worried figure is verbally smarter, and it also has more imagination and creativity.

8. The intelligent man is a writer.

According to the Dunning-Krüger effect, less competent people are more confident than those with higher IQs.

9. The intelligent man loves cats.

According to a 2014 study, cats' owners are smarter than their dogs.

10. The intelligent man is the older brother.

A 2007 study reveals that, in general, those who are faithful or poor perform better on IQ tests. Related articles in Intelligence: