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You eat a lot of cheese while pregnant!

You eat a lot of cheese while pregnant!

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Nutrition over the course of the nine months also fundamentally influences the baby's development and various other characteristics, according to a study.

According to a Japanese research study, good nutrition is also an important aspect of combating childhood tooth decay. Tanaka Keiko Professor of Public Health deals with the prevention of various diseases. He and his colleagues examined whether there was any correlation between children's tooth decay and their mother's consumption of dairy products, calcium supplements during pregnancy. pregnant women's calcium intake has significantly reduced the incidence of decay in their children. The use of different calcium supplements during pregnancy is not uncommon in Japan, however, earlier theses have shown that the calcium production of milk and milk products is better than that of the body.

Eat a lot of cheese if you are pregnant

In a Japanese city and around 1002 pregnant women were enrolled. During the pregnancy, repeated dietary and lifestyle questions were filled out. The researchers knew that the reliability of the results depended on how accurate these data were, so if any detail was missing, the case was not finalized. After further critical scrutiny, the final scientific evaluation included 315 mothers and children. Milk йs tejtermйkek, yogurt йs calcium maternal fogyasztбsa vйdх hatбsъ had children kйsхbbi fogszuvasodбsбnak gyakorisбga szempontjбbуl, but it бltalбnossбgban was only hatбrйrtйk szintjйn igaz.Egyйrtelmы statistically jelentхs цsszefьggйs was in turn consumed in vбrandуs idхszakban cheese mennyisйge йs childhood fogszuvasodбs gyakorisбga kцzцtt : if a pregnant woman ate a lot of cheese, children rarely had tooth decay. The researchers are unable to provide an accurate explanation for the observation and are planning further investigations. However, the data is instructive and worthy of note: women who want a baby are worth eating cheese, says MTI.What do you eat ?: