Love during pregnancy

Love during pregnancy

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Nine months is an ideal time for you to get close together and grow in love.

You can have romance while pregnant

The Journal of Economic Psychology draws attention to interesting research. According to the test, pregnant women 106 minutes a day of romantic romance would be nice. To do this, the currency paints a little something: well, if the half is over. Of course, there is some severe condition: morning sickness, fatigue, body change. But according to psychologists, this period is just the ideal of getting close together and re-establishing love. To this we add some ideas.

Show your sensors!

Love - although the two are closely linked - is not equal to sex itself. Pregnancy is the perfect time to get to know it intimacyand find new ways to detect sensations. According to research from the Kinsey Institute, the secret of long-lasting relationships is the many nicks and knots. Take the time to discuss each other and articulate what you need. Do not choose the more comfortable way - often difficult conversations bring the connection back to life.

Go on baby honeymoon!

West of us has a long tradition during pregnancy vacancywhich is probably a lot of the last chance to be alone. Take the opportunity! There is no need to leave the city, a domestic trip is probably a more comfortable solution in this period. Men are not bothered by moving them out of their usual environment as they are more relaxed and able to talk about their perceptions of baby, fatherhood.

Make it special!

You will always remember this period, and it is up to you to think of the ill or other moments. From the breakfast you took to bed, to an unexpected date everything helps to make the days, weeks special. Try to figure out your couple's desires, and if you make the first move, you will feel that this is the beginning of a new life.These can also be useful:
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