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Are you always in one?

Are you always in one?

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Nine months had gone, closed days had passed ... and nothing happened. First Lesson From Parenting: The baby decides when to give birth. But why don't you want to fuck me?

Parenting can be a homicidal idea

Rita And his colleague was posted the same day. A coworker was born a little earlier in the day, late November, but Rita, contrary to her plans, couldn't put the baby under the Christmas tree because she was always in the tummy. he felt like a ticking bomb, and walked with his hubby to uber, then that would give the starter a shot. Nothing. We have begun delivery on the last day of week 42: it is exactly one month between the two small ones. help you determine time for exams - Explains dr. Timmermann Gbbor She is the medical director of the Center for Gynecology, Genium Health, Family Planning, and Diagnostics. - If the baby does not come to life by the end of the forty week, we will talk about all terminology, and only after the forty-one week is over.

Error in calculation?

At the beginning of the term, the physician recalculates the expected date of birth, using the pregnancy and twelve week ultrasound examinations to determine the exact date, and possibly the first semen. Determining your pregnancy age is not always easy because you may not have had a regular cycle, or because of breastfeeding, or your mother forgot to mention the less important choice. we can tell you the day of conception, knowing that sperm are inside the body for up to seventy-two hours, but according to some researches, it is vital even for up to one hundred o'clock, this data is not a reliable point of reference. For the most part, there is no light in most cases, but it can be Extreme predisposition, and it also influences that you have a third pregnancy.

Bloody point

- At the age of forty, it is considered necessary to monitor the condition of the baby more closely because aging of the butterfly, the less amniotic fluid And a bigger fetus can cause complications - warns our specialist. - Because of the baby sыrыbben ellenхrizzьk szнvhangjбt, figyeljьk the magzatvнz mennyisйgйt йs szнnйt (if the fetus pitch due zцlddй vбlik ьrнtйse, referring to oxigйnhiбnyra) йs szьksйges if the vйr бramlбsбt the hйt kцldцkzsinуrban.A utбn mъlбsбval 41 days arбnyosan nцvekszik the mйhen belьli injuries due to lack of oxygen rate, so according to the professional protocol is recommended at this time, and after the age of 42, it is clearly justified to artificially initiate childbirth, from which the doctor and the mother will decide jointly.

Home birth?

You can try to avoid artificial birth control natural methods to stimulate the baby. According to our expert, some of the midwestern practices are just urban legends and have no effect, or even counterproductive, and even some can be dangerous. Therefore, before you do anything, consult your doctor!Lйpcsхzйs
Stress hormones produced by increased physical activity may increase the oxytocin sensitivity of the uterus, which aids in the induction of foxing. But if the butterflies become aggravated and cause poor circulation, the fetal oxygen supply deteriorates. Therefore, do not try this.Hot bath
It is believed that it can help, but on the contrary, it is recommended to use a hot compress on the stomach because it relaxes smooth muscle.Kбvй
It really does stimulate the release of stress hormones, but only when consumed in large quantities that are not recommended to people.Bбbakoktйl
It has a laxative effect due to its ricin content. This and its alcohol content are attributed to a parenting effect. Alcohol, however, actually relaxes the muscles of the bee, which is why infants have been given an infusion in the event of an early threat.Sex
A night of love can really trigger childbirth because caressing the nipple and orgasm liberates oxytocin, and the ondou contains high concentrations of prostaglandins, which are also used in the womb.Tonic
It can help because its kinin content enhances the activity of mice. Therefore, it should not be consumed in earlier stages of pregnancy.Gyуgytea
Although no serious research is being done, the nipper observes that a jug of bladder per day improves mental function, fatigue during exercise, and pelvic floor muscle function.Homeopбtia
Caulophyllum, Pulsatill and Cimicifug are recommended by specialists. There is no scientific evidence to prove their effectiveness.

Bye bye

Psyche Doula Varnna:
The psychic background of the bridle is relatively difficult to study using scientific methods, but experience has shown that the condition of a pregnant mother can influence the time of birth. An adventurous woman may feel unconsciously that she is in perfect harmony with her child and it is difficult to let it shine.It may be that the "blessed state" has been given special protection, attention, and fears that it will end, be a mother to the mind, or that it will focus on the innocent. But can be distressed from the pain of parenting, including hospital stays, and you may have some practical tasks (housing, getting baby stuff) that you would like to do before your baby is born. taking a world tour of your afterlife and consciously rejecting the urge to concentrate on your body's signs and fetus. You may tell your baby that she loves her very much, but this status will now be over and then new, but they will still be in very close contact with each other.