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RBC in Families (VI. 22. - VII. 22.)

RBC in Families (VI. 22. - VII. 22.)

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The little Crab-born is quite sensitive, her mood can change suddenly - if she doesn't like something, the puppy will fall over.

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Besides, it is dear and handsometo lightly forget the difficult minutes. Stubborn, empathetic, attentive - anyone who has sorrow must try to offer consolation. Gondoskodу her tendency, weakness, may appear quite early: if she is a little girl, she may be the best "mom"; even if you are a kid, take care of your belongings and avoid rough play as much as possible.Уvatos, he doesn't suddenly jump into New Things. It is hard to get away with your favorite articles, and every detail of your story is remembered in detail. He loves to talk about his tighter environment, and he loves to make him feel good even in his childhood. your memoir, our imagination and intuition can help solve problems. Outstanding with your adult partner romantic, йrzelemdъs you can make a connection, but occasionally get hurt, start pouting, and don't always let it be easy to reconcile. family comes first, whose harmony does not regret any fatigue; Being born to a baby can be really fulfilling. He loves to choose a profession where he can develop empathetic skill and the nature of motherhood (school teacher, pediatrician, pediatrician, specialist). As an example, we can understand: it is up to us to create a "more habitable" world around us, where we all feel more at home.
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