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Football is good for players, too!

Football is good for players, too!

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The baby's feet are as sensitive and agile as his hands. As the months and years go on, the foot is becoming more and more shameless. No wonder! Because most of the year, we pack socks, shoes, and footwear, since they don't touch them as much.

Larger kids can do traditional gymnastics exercises right now

Muscles are also condemned if the toddler is not walking enough because, for example, he is taken everywhere by car. Especially in the summer, when the weather is nice, let the little ones run around in nude or socks as much as possible.Not only provide exercise for the muscles needed for walking and running, but also for the toes that perform fine movements: How much sand will go all the way to the "cure"? - Don't wrap the balloons, just twist them vigorously and make sure you hold them tightly between your toes. Then get started, see how many steps you can take before the balloons lower!

We have our feet

It is important that the muscles of the foot are constantly and gradually strengthened, to prevent the formation of paralysis, ankles, and skin ulcers. The following few minutes of playful exercises can be incorporated into our daily lives, not only useful but also guaranteeing a good mood. Naturally let's play nude! - Let's put out a lot of the small stuff on the carpet: acorns, chestnuts, dice, buttons, plastic balls, plugs. Help our toes put the kid together in a little plastic bag. The winner is the one who captured the most in himself. -Let's draw with our little one's help. Let's sit down and try to draw flower, house, people on the ground wrapping paper with the pencil held on our toes. - Lie on our backs and balance a small bean bag (cushion, soft ball) on a raised sole. What tricks do we know? We'll throw it, catch it, give it to each other ... - Let's walk around toe-to-toe, then around the corner. Then massage the little kid's foot, and roll his toes. If the parent also participated in the games, he or she should not miss out on these loose exercises.Also read these:
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