The first games

The first games

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For the baby, toys are also part of the exciting adventure of exploring the world. You don't have to accumulate much more. Because it won't get any smarter, they just want to be excited, upbeat, upbeat. It is better to lose only one or two pieces.

They are the earliest mobiles, eye-catching glides, glittering ribbons that don't always have to be in the baby's comfort. Also note that there are a number of ready-made pastel shades that match the adult's perception of anything from a baby's perspective.

Make the baby's first toys more colorful

Sound stimulus is essential for hearing development, and voters are uber. Relaxing classical music, bells, nipple and children songs, spongy rubber, beakers, wooden bells, xylophone - well, if you know more about these little ones. However, diversity can not mean permanent noise, youll have a lot of fun.
Feelings will be the most important toys in the first few months. Introduce the doll to a variety of materials: wood, textiles, plastics, rubber, metal - all of which give you the benefit of life. The promise is great, so make sure that the paint does not dissolve in the shaft and that small pieces do not come off.
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