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Gemstones in the first year of the baby

Gemstones in the first year of the baby

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The baby's first year is full of blood and significant milestones. Providing a New Year's Eve is very exhausting, but also very exciting.

Watching your baby move on is very exciting

What kind of gemstones characterize baby's first year? WebMD Completed. Look how wonderful you are.


The sleeplessness, the sleepless night's sleep, and the many babies and babies will be swallowed up by the baby about two months old. Is displayed his first sincere, real smile. The bar could have smiled before, but they weren't conscious. Come on after 2 months! When you are there or hear your voice, your face will shine to indicate how far you are.


You've never heard anything more painful about your baby's cry, have you? Well, about 4 months ago, you also know that the sweetest voice in the world and nothing more than a baby laughing. Best of all, it is very easy to "scrape out" this beautiful voice. It's a funny face, a tickle, and that sweet laugh is coming!


The first night of sleeping priceless values ​​for every parent. Although it is not a requirement for a baby to sleep all night long, most babies are expected to be able to do so at around 4-6 months of age. Don't be afraid if your eyes don't turn out to be quite normal when a baby wakes up at night.


How much worse is the world if we can look at it not only lying down after all! Baby knows that too. In a very decided position, so that your spine is not stressed, the baby may feel prematurely. The real, цnбllу, stable ьlйsre They are usually aged between 7 and 10 months (most children are 10 months old).


At 8 months of age, the baby is expected to be really agile. First, he is ready and then he begins to lace up, 9 months later he is able to map the whole apartment. time to make it baby safe your home. Don't worry if you start to fall soon, there are babies who are very much attached to the move.


At 9 months, you can wake up to say goodbye to someone. Isn't it sweet how you communicate? That is how much value it wins for you voice and sign language so you can connect the cricket with the waving.

Hand eat

Once you get tired of being fed with cannabis, you take control - and food - of your baby. I was 9-12 months old you can coordinate your hands and fingers exceptionally, so you can easily grab small items, so you can take snacks as well. Things to watch out for: Not only is the baby happy to put it in their mouths, so be sure not to get something dangerous in your hand.


At 12 months, the baby is overweight. Of course he has you need support, which can be any furniture or the stairs. If you are already stable, you can start coming at any time, so be prepared for the next gemstone!


Perhaps I consider the company to be the most important craft. Parents expect nothing more than that, phones are probably ready for weeks after they can be stored. baby's first flicks. When can I count this? Between 9 and 17 months, it can be reversed anytime, most babies can do a few kicks by 13 months.

The first su

There is nothing to hold on to when the baby first says "mother." Of course, this may not be your first word, it is more common with "mama", "baby", "pop" but once you have these, you don't have to look much for "mom". The majority of one-year-old babies pronounce the first word. As it turns out, you see, you will soon learn all of your baby's thoughts too.Related Articles: