Well: What are you doing and what can it indicate?

Well: What are you doing and what can it indicate?

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Most of the wells on a baby's skull only know how to handle it with care. But what's worth paying attention to?

A lot of mothers are frightened by the well

The birth of a baby brings a lot of new information and, not least, anxiety to the parents' life. It's good to be prepared, to be aware of what's going on in the baby's body. "To me, the fountain mummy was my first baby when I was born. if I accidentally approach it. I know most pregnant women have such irrational fears and a second baby, it hasn't even come to my mind, but it was time I confidently handled this request. " Dуri, who today just smiles at how desperate he was a few years ago. However, he also says it's worthwhile gathering more information or talking to experienced moms to help you confidently hold the baby after your baby is born. The well is located between the skull bones of the baby lбgyrйsz, the most important function of which is to give birth to small heads provide flexibility йs it germinates over time. Early resilience is also needed as the baby's head through the birth canal deforms during birth, but it does play a minor role in this process. However, in addition to assisting in the formation of the skull during birth, they are no less important. The baby's rapid growth is also possible due to their presence. What's interesting is that although the puppies get hardened over time, but not at the same time. six months, the front well only they harden by the age of two, but complete ossification only occurs in adulthood. Most of the things parents can sense are the front puppy and the back puppy, both of which are triangular. should not be pushed or struckif there is any accident - even though the skin is strong on the cuticle - you should definitely consult a doctor. Parents should consult a doctor even if the well is bulging or tight, as this may indicate a disease. If you find the pothole sinking, the baby may be scattered in the summer heat - so be sure to pay attention to these signs as well. It is also possible that the puppy closes as the rest of the symptom, so it is also indicative, the baby may be deficient in vitamin D. What can reassure parents It is also possible that strong, heavily sloping toddlers may have bumps on their heads, and even babies who do not have or have very light hair, so that blood vessels the baby.
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