Three weeks is the youngest Olympian

Three weeks is the youngest Olympian

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The 470 Olympic Sailing Group posted the following message on Twitter: Huge congratulations to Andreas Kosmopopulos and Sofia Bekatoru for their baby and small Dimitris baby birth!

The Greek Sofia Bekatoru (35) is a two-time Olympic champion in sailing (2004, 2008) and a sports psychologist. Eight years old, she has been stripped of her hair, she has raced nine years, and she has been living her life ever since. Despite the fact that a few years ago, his severe backlog has stalled his track and two children have been born, he will be playing at the London Olympics this year, no matter what. A few months after her birth, she launches a new Olympic number: 2012 will see the first women's team start in Match Racing. Sofia has always attached importance to children. Fun Initiatives for Children and Working Mothers are calling for support. It aims to show through sport that children and women can create value, not just in their daily lives. Perhaps this view explains that Sofia, with her three-year-old Dimitris, is carrying the Olympic flame along with her newborn baby on the side and the baby carrier. //www.bekatorou.com