How do I calm the baby if there is no mother at home? Tips for dad

How do I calm the baby if there is no mother at home? Tips for dad

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Baby cubs, that's fine. It can also happen even if they are full of tummy and clean diapers. What can a dad do if mom is out of range?

  • Pick up the little one, and come over to herinstead of having to reassure him. According to research, if you walk with your baby, not only will you stop crying, but your heart rate will slow down.

  • Keep the baby so that it is on its side or belly: place it on your forearm, with your head on your elbows and thighs.

You also have to be prepared for the baby to cry
  • Check and replace your diaper - odors do not always translate to the pelvis you use.

  • Feed it! Sure, a baby may "just love" it, but hunger can always play a part in not feeling good.

  • Pay it! Whether you are breastfeeding or feeding on glass, you can breathe easily during meals, which can be very unpleasant!

  • Try imitating white noise and "whisper" to the baby! THE monotonous white noise calms downand help you sleep too. You can also download white noise generator applications for smartphones.

  • Dirt or wrap and roll in rhythm!

  • Bathe it!

  • Put it to sleep - it may be that the fat in the background is fatigued.


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