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You will be more rested if you sleep with the child

You will be more rested if you sleep with the child

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Co-sleeping with your baby is a controversial topic, and some experts say it can be extremely dangerous. However, co-sleeping can be good for the parent and baby, and has more advantages than disadvantages.

Robert LeVine йs Sarah LeVine, according to Harvard researchers, influences on the acceptability of co-existence to the environment and social standards are extremely high. In the US (and in other countries), appreciation of uniqueness and uniqueness is about to begin, and as a parent begins to "teach" the baby when he or she puts his or her own room relatively far from the parents. "After all our research, we are not sure that this is the best solution," Sarah LeVine told The "We worked in a country like ours, and our local colleagues were all sleeping with their kids. And at least with a very significant benefit: moms can sleep more and relax more."During the co-sleep, the mother is able to relax more LeVine said she woke up several times 40 years ago to comfort or feed her baby, but since she wasn't working, it wasn't so exhausting. However, nowadays, far more women are going back to work, and they need to relax more than they can in order to be able to do both at work and at home. And fatigue goes hand in hand with a parent being more impatient and nervous with their child. "Having a baby together has more advantages than its risks. Putting a baby in another room, does not guarantee safety or the development of the personbut parents can't rest themselves either. Many people think that coexistence is life-threatening. But in Japan, where parents are sleeping with their babies, mortality is much lower than in the US, and half as many deaths as in America, "added Robert LeVine. co-existence also has some rulesthat must be adhered to (eg avoid large pads, blankets, make sure the small is not trapped between the floor and the wall, etc.). And if a mom wants to enjoy the benefits of coexistence and sunbathing at the same time, it's worth trying out her. baby blanket, meaning a baby cot that can be attached to a parent's bed (via)You may also be interested in:
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