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She gave birth to her grandson at age 61

She gave birth to her grandson at age 61

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A 61-year-old Nebraska woman has given birth to her own grandson, a child of a gay son and his cousin.

Cecile Eledge himself raised the idea of ​​a maternal affair when his warm son and his wife became involved in a deception. "Of course they laughed," she quoted in an interview with the BBC at 444.When she thought she was 59, she was 59 years old. "It seemed more like a wonderful emotional expression to her. She's such an unknown woman," said Elliot Dougherty, the woman's son. However, a fertility doctor considered the idea viable. Tests were carried out on the woman and finally the procedure was authorized. She gave birth to her own grandchild at the age of 61 (photo: Ariel Panowicz / BBC) She said she was very health conscious and had never doubted that she could carry the baby. The egg was donated by Elliot Dougherty's sister, Leah, and the sperm was removed from Eledge's son. The woman said the pregnancy was smooth, although her symptoms were "a bit more severe" than the age of three.
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