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Six toddler laws that you can if you can

Six toddler laws that you can if you can

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A small child is a lonely race, far superior to all others, with its own rules and commandments, and quite a unique moral system.

Totyogу incision (illustration only)

Motherhood is not something for people with disabilities. One moment To Marry Poppins The man takes control of himself, and in the other one of the protagonists of the Battle of the Thrones. I would have known these before my son was two ...

Cleaning fools is something. So we do

No matter how enthusiastic and thorough you are in cleaning, your child will be almost immediately stone-struck and all your efforts will eventually fail. It can fold a freshly dressed wardrobe, spit it out of the dripping glass, smash the wall in no time at all, not even mention the red stains on white clothes. you struggle, but you have no chance. It is simply better to accept the fact that a household with a toddler age is like the beginning of a home show in the "as it was" scene.

The shoes are mysterious

My son currently has two pairs of the same shoes in different colors. On certain days, you like the blue, sometimes the orange, but you always pick out the couple you want to pick up and then, of course, look at every start, which is slightly nerve-wracking. If I'd drank a cup of coffee in my life instead of each of these occasions, I'd probably never close my eyes again.

We lie sometimes

You are basically a reliable, trustworthy person, just like him. But when it comes to parenting, we are sometimes very welcome. For example, when you want your child to eat healthy food (among others, the fly that someone else will learn to whistle or the nipple that Popeye also increased). Not to mention how much we have to lie about the tab, and Jйzuskбrуl.

The body fluids are cool

I am absolutely certain that in my life I have never been exposed to as much bodily fluids as I have had a child. And now I'm not just thinking about diapers, but the a wide spectrum of body fluids. Dirt under my nails (which is somehow always there), nasal passages, rabbits and so on.

Colors are important

One conclusion: You will never, but never, be able to choose the right color glass until you pour milk into it. If you put it in red, you should have it in blue, if you put it in red, you should green it. There is nothing to do, colors are important, so the children's world works.

Child safety is not nearly as effective as advertised

It is important to install baby gates, install toilet hoods, secure table tops, but your child will somehow fool them (surely it will fall where there is no love). The child and the loving care are considered by the child only as a challenge And they can cope with these at a frightening speed and efficiency. I've never seen someone as focused on something as the light of my eyes, who tried to open their toes one at a time. Perseverance, will and good luck! I'm with you! - Stephanie -Related articles in parenting:
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