Easter Matyi, Pici Pocok

Easter Matyi, Pici Pocok

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The little kid easily loses his temper. During the long minutes of stopping (in the restaurant, the doctor, in the traffic jam) let's have fun with the pegs.

Put your index finger over the center of a napkin or paper handkerchief. Arrange the paper in a skirt, draw your eyes on your fingers, mouth - a little girl is ready. Let's name our baby, we just have to move around and invent a thrilling story.
Let's cut out a piece of kraft paper (like glassware) to a stock. Cut two holes in the underside of your belly to make sure your pointing finger fits inside. Put your finger in it and flutter with it as if it were a teddy bear's foot. You can do the same with ballet-dance form, it will be more interesting as our fingers "ballet".
Let's put paper bags on our hands. You can draw any static figure (pirate, lion, elephant), move it and bring it to life with the sound you want.
We can make a whole dollhouse of colored material remnants, gloves or fingers: a zoo or the characters of a small child's favorite fairy tale.
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