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You wouldn't even think that these would threaten your child's hearing

You wouldn't even think that these would threaten your child's hearing

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Early childhood hearing is in need of protection for anatomical reasons. Today, many parents know that they should only take their child to a noisy event with proper protection.

What's the risk of hearing children: Children's skull bones are thinner, the inside is closer to the outside, and therefore more sensitive to noise and external stimuli. Let's hear it very sensitive, so if you bring your kid back to a noisy event, game, or concert, you have to protect your hearing. The more noise they are exposed to, the greater the chances of hearing loss, but it can also cause stress, concentration disturbance, and sleep problems in too loud environments. At 100dB or higher for up to 15 minutes the child could stay. Human speech can be up to 60dB, and the noise can be more disturbing for the child. Volumes higher than 80 dB should not be exposed to a child. A better solution for them is a fьltokok Uses: Containing, hygienic and protecting the baby from noise.Related articles on Child Hearing:
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