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If the little one does not skin the car

If the little one does not skin the car

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Toddlers usually like to drive, but their anxieties don't last much. In this case, they want to get out of their childhood, moving, carrying them. For your safety, do not take them out, let them jump or exercise in the gym.

A sudden, sudden, unexpected turn can cause an accident. Let's get you entertained with a picture book, games. If the driver is traveling in a car other than the driver, sit down with the child. The seat belt is not liked by the little ones, but it can be made more comfortable with a kid's pattern guide so it doesn't squeeze the belly or chest.
Along with the psychological strain of living in one place, dense shifting, stopping, acceleration provide an active stimulus to the inner ear that overloads the still underdeveloped balance. The brain responds to the stimulus on the basis of the vegetative nervous system: stress hormones are produced, sweat, palpitations of the child, nausea, vomiting follow. Over the long haul, we always put nylon bags in our hands, but it is better to prevent nausea.

Many children find it difficult to bear the car

With moderate temps, smoother speeds, there is less vibration on the body. In the "gas-dungeon" driving style, the toddler drifts back and forth, and since he / she does not follow the path, he / she is not prepared for directional changes. Even if you are strapped on with a seat belt, your head is shaky helplessly following the movement. Ensure fresh air, leave the window open a bit, and do not smoke in the car. Although the air-conditioned car is pleasantly cool, cold air can also cause headaches in adults.
The scents of car perfumes are only popular with adults, and the finer sensory organs of the small ones find the most such scent. Use a small bunch of fresh parsley, thyme, lemon juice or peppermint instead. During longer periods, we also provide more smaller food and drink, and the stomach empty or full of fluids is more susceptible to "flushing". Based on your doctor's advice, you can prevent nausea with pills, capsules, and homeopathic remedies.
You can get a recipe without a Daedalon tablets and pills which unfortunately cause dizziness. We can also try homeopathic remedies, a combination of Cocculine, but similar complaints a cocculus or Tabacum D or CH 6-15can also be remedied.
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