The language of love for small children

The language of love for small children

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Young children have a specific love language, often not in words, but in a different, different way.

The love language of small children is very diverse

No one is as important in a toddler's life as a mother and father. They feel safe when they know that the ones they love are always there with them. But how do we show this? Parents.com also found 9 special shows.When your little one shares with you what new, wonderful discoveries he has made, he shows how much he loves you and trusts you. If you bless you all day, even if you are surprised by a sticky lollipop, it will indicate it. In what other ways can I express our love? Read on!

1. Set the time

You always bring the time when you really hurry somewhere? Do you walk half the street of the same 200 meters because your baby is always noticing something very interesting? First you lean on an ant, then lean on a piece of wood, and the house smiles proudly with you? they come to the moment, they have no sense of time. At that moment, there, with you, nothing was more important to him than examining that ant or a piece of wood together. So getting ready to bring your baby to the crib is a real challenge. Because х there, he wants to be with you. Because he loves you, he will do anything to extend your time together.

2. He wants to play

Cheerfully runs away from you, enjoys independence, but only if you know you will follow. First she runs away freely, but she stops and thinks, "I need to know if there's another mom here." A toddler will venture into the big world when he or she knows you you will be there if you need it. Because you're the most important person to him.

3. Carry your favorite pet, baby

Most toddlers want to bring a favorite pet, baby or blanket when they go somewhere. These objects represent you, especially if you are not where you are going. He wants you to be with him always. Let him have such a favorite item that you can carry with you, because it gives him security. Many times, adults also carry photos of their loved ones or other lovely memories in their wallets.

4. Play the game

Many times your child seems to be grabbing, pushing, and throwing food over and over. Therefore, if you see your child lifting the food above your head with a sweet smile on your face, and you do not want it to land on you, he / she quickly disappears. Food is an exciting thing for young children to explore and experiment with, and you want to share this experience with you. If you toss the cornflakes on the floor and then bring you to see what he created, he wants you to be as happy as he is.

5. Come on

When you feel it, you are no longer wearing the hist and the opposite, your little one gets into your head and hits your head. He looks up, shines his eyes and smiles kindly. As much as they are overwhelmed with independence, there is a need to refueled with love in the arms of a mother or father. She is most comfortable there, she feels most at ease, so without saying the words "I love you".

6. Welcome aloud when you come home

Do you stop at the door so your child is running into your arms and shouting loudly? It was such a pleasure for you to be home at last. If you leave home and then return home, you have built your child's confidence because they learn to you always go back to it. If you cheer loudly, cheerfully at such times, it is a sign that he loves you very much.

7. Surprise you with a sticky lollipop

Young children do not share. Except if they love someone very much. A delicious lollipop will make her happier, and sharing this with you means she wants to share happiness with you because she loves you so much. So just take half the already eaten sticky lollipop, because it's a very It's an unheard of thing about the part.

8. Draw for you

Kids love to draw lines, dots, scribbles, glue, glitter powder, paint. When you call to draw or give you the latest sticky, dashed-out piece, it's a sign that wants to share your creativity with you, happiness and success. These drawings are from the word and are made for a person who is very fond of and has been thought of a great deal in the art. Even if it's just a sticky, glittering stuff on a paper, welcome it with a lot of love, because it was made for you.

9. He loves rituals

Toddlers love the daily routine, the consistency, the rituals: reading the same book every night, wearing the same pajamas, putting stuffed animals in the same place. They like having the same thing every night and even if you are not there, the routine will still represent youso you will probably stick to it while you are away. A routine gives him security, just as you give him security and love.
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