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Don't worry if your kid is cold!

Don't worry if your kid is cold!

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Parenting is common in toddlers with children - says the American Children's Academy (AAP) in a report that urges parents not to treat their bodies at all times.

Children's fever is most often caused by viruses, and even without medication, they think about causing any disorder, he said. Henry Farrar, a significant co-author of the report. there is no convincing evidence not causing untreated cerebral palsy or brain damage in children, as well as the fact that mumps fever helps to heal. Body temperature below 38 degrees Celsius is not counted in children. If the child's health is poor, the fever can be suppressed without the baby acetaminophen or ibuprofen suggest the author of the material. (According to the professional protocol in the Law, children at 6 months of age have a higher risk group; if fever occurs at this stage of their life, they should see the child physically and take the fever seriously.) the child's well-being is not good - we recommend. Parents tend to overwork the fever, even waking up the sleeping child to give him or her a flame retardant. The authors do not define the body temperature at which it is absolutely necessary to begin the use of cushioning, but emphasize that it is important to observe the child's behavior, behavioral changes, fever itself is not a disease, but a mechanism that help fight infection. Fever can reduce the growth of viruses and bacteria and help to produce immune cells that are important for the defense.

Don't worry about the fever too much!

Baby Room:
Recent research and recent professional advice question the effectiveness of physical cushioning, that is, the use of cold baths, stocking in the Netherlands, and almost no profit in the Netherlands. You can read more about the topic here. Also, according to the latest recommendation, it is not necessary to relieve fever if the child's health is equally good. Except for infants less than 3 months of age, body temperature above 38 ° C and for infants aged 3 to 6 months above 39 ° C, a doctor should be consulted and consulted in such cases.
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