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Congenital and Acquired Heart Diseases

Congenital and Acquired Heart Diseases

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In young children, congenital and acquired heart disease can also occur. Causes, Symptoms And Examinations.

Newborn Heart Disease Needs Great Attention!

According to medical statistics, children with congenital cardiovascular disease are affected by 0.8 percent, which means that one in every thousand children is born with a developmental disorder. Diseases can be transmitted by babies, but environmental factors can also play a role in the development. Of course, children have much lower rates of disease than adults, but care should be taken. THE szыrхvizsgбlatok it prematurely removes the problem, but there are warning signs that can help parents notice that some disease can be transmitted in the back of the body.The most common heart disease is the , which causes circulatory problems. Common congenital anomaly is a deficiency of one of the major circulatory failureleading to - and also the lack and inability of large keyboards. Symptoms are caused by poor circulation and poor oxygenation. However, it is important to know - as the Hungarian Cardiological Society points out - that some congenital malformations may heal in early infancy, have a hole in the atrial or ventricular fossa, or have a large abnormal size. In all cases, however, it is important to set up an accurate diagnosis regular medical check-ups, the continuous monitoring of the development and symptoms of the young child. Children with this condition may have this infection, such as a decayed tooth or an inflamed pharynx. It is very important to deal with these guns, as this would require more szнvbillentyыk Baby can be an important warning sign for a baby if the baby is sweaty, thirsty, or very low, is not gaining weight properly, or may be rejecting the baby. In older children, it is also important to pay attention to rapid onset of asthma, comorbidity, frequent illnesses of the head, as these may also indicate that the child is suffering from the same disease. It is possible for the child to talk with him or her about what will happen to him or her at such an examination. Diagnosis is a matter of determination ECG, mellkasrцntgenre йs ultrahangvizsgбlatra also takes place. More than one specialist examines children for a screening test, and often diagnoses the disease before the onset of more serious symptoms. Today, many advanced therapies, so-called smart drugs, are available to patients, which can be decided by families in consultation with your doctor.
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