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Sowing in wet weather

Sowing in wet weather

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The baby is approaching tiny blobs, but it's cold and all wet. But the baby wants to get it alone by now.

When she was born, she never remembered to crawl and swoon. At home, there are naturally no obstacles to safe conditions. But what if the little one looks out of his carrycot or stroller in the wet, rainy weather?
Get up and think flexibly!

Interesting items

The earth, the water, the air are interesting things that fascinate not only science but also children. Kids are really little ones (or are they big kids?). They want to get to know the elements, and they are not very interested in getting to know each other. Where would the world have gone if the discoveries had failed, because: "wow, your hands will be wet!", "wow, don't scratch yourself!", or "Don't go out at such a time!"
  • The pool is interesting because when the child spit on it, it creeps, splashes, squeals, moves, gets out of bed, and rocks the fallen leaf.
  • Wet sand is cold, hard, heavy, moldable, packable, drawing, sticking, and leaving a footprint.
  • It is possible to moor, divert, dredge and move trees to drain water.
  • The water glows.

April is approaching, baby, but it's cold, it's all wet. What is it worth moving to?

He won't be freezing!

Termйszetesen you have to prepare for the walkwhen the weather is wet. The umbrella and stroller rain not enough, because the baby wants to work freely.
You'll need a comfy raincoat that's big enough to move, and it's not too rigid in its material, so it doesn't block in motion.
If pocsolyбba If you have a top or a baby boy, a raincoat will be essential. Made of waterproof, lightweight material, it prevents the baby's clothes from getting wet. Even after a summer shower, it is worth taking a shot, not a bad investor.
Winter boots would be too hot, rubber sandals would be far away. It is best to get a good rubber boot that fits snugly on the foot and closes well off the water.
You would love to go to the gym with the little herger, but still wet? Get off a waterproof backgammon picnic blanket! Your baby will enjoy being liberated and examining the world with a dry blanket.