Therefore, never touch the baby!

Therefore, never touch the baby!

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Attracting young children to children under the age of 3 is one of the most common forms of punishment that can cause severe, permanent injuries and even death.

No matter how angry you are, don't bother the baby!

According to international data, one of the leading deaths among punished infants and young children is childhood syndromeand those who are over are also severely injured. According to a 2003 Canadian study, 19% of children died from trauma, more than half of the survivors suffered from neurological damage, 65% needed to be treated, and 85% needed a complex treatment. There are about 100 such cases that doctors meet, and the reason is that parents have no idea what serious harm they can do to a child who is suddenly tempered, says the Hungarian Society of Pediatricians.

Why not impress your child?

Infants and toddlers have large and heavy body heads, and their neck muscles are not strong enough, so the brain, vertebrae and spinal cord can be damaged. During shaking, soft and dull brains begin to form on the skull, resulting in bleeding, and in the brain to form severe bruises. This should be seen as an adult suffering a frontal accident. all these can lead to infant mortality or serious, permanent damage (movement, mental retardation, sinfulness, blindness, cerebral palsy).

What are the Symptoms of a Watched Child Syndrome?

In most cases, at first, there are no dramatic symptoms: the child feels fatigued, sleepy, possibly vomiting, and then gradually develops a more severe loss of consciousness, eventually producing a coma. Typically, the baby's tummy tumbles, tense. This indicates a life-threatening condition, but unfortunately many seek medical attention only then.

But why would anyone do that?

The most common reason for a baby and frustrated parent / carer to be tired and tired of the baby is to suddenly lose his / her temper or lose control of his / her baby, and to strongly encourage the baby to From this point of view, a parent / carer who is:
- You were a punished child
- Alone, no help
- he lives in a frustrated, troubled family
- suffering from postpartum depression or other psychiatric illness
- Alcohol or drug addiction can also be a risk factor if you rub it on a person unsuitable for childcare. Or even if parenting - through ignorance - playful tossing causes serious injuries to the baby.

How to prevent trouble?

If you are tired or overwhelmed, your baby's care will be overwhelming or totally unbearable, seek help (!) Or consult your nearest medical practitioner, healer,

What should we do if we shook the baby?

If, for some reason, we have shaken the baby, the best thing we can do is seek immediate medical attention or go to the hospital and, in spite of all our guilt, tell the professionals honestly what happened. If the cause of the matter is revealed in due course, it is more likely to save the life of the young child.More information on this topic:Related Articles: Don't Look If You Are Furious!
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