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The tips of an ear-nose guard

The tips of an ear-nose guard

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Parents with young children are likely to visit the ear-nose-healing surgeries most often, as they have the most infectious and infectious disease.

The best thing we can do to teach children how to properly nose nose properly

However, there are practices and care tips that can help you avoid some of these problems. We collected that kind of thing dr. Votisky Peter pediatrician with the help of an otolaryngologist.

The nose is learned

There is no better one to have a good nose - at least prevention of mental illness is the best thing we can do to teach children how to properly cook their noses. Unless he is able to do this, however, Dr. Votisky recommends the use of rhinoceros. Although many people do not like the dusty nose because of their voice, children are not fond of it, but they do a very good job. Before using it, it is advisable to lighten the nasal spray by spraying a small solution. Except for this purpose, salvus healing water is a good example. A succulent solution can also replace some of the nasal drops, which are also worthwhile to use because they are often reversed or ineffective when applied frequently. It is enough to apply some "stolen" nasal drops for the night.

The ear cleaner

Many people use high-purity scrubs to clean their ears. Doctor Votisky considers this more suitable for purifying the shellfish, and considers it inappropriate for hearing loss, because it works against the natural herniated mechanism, .For loosening the eyelids, use one or two drops of baby oil or paraffin oil. It is advisable to bathe or, in the case of larger cats, to bathe with oil or cotton swab before bathing, so that the water can catch the eardrums. In response to a request about beaching alone, the options for a little waterfront vacation, Peter Votisky said: "With baby, you risk going to the beach; it is more expedient to have a baby closer to the usual vacation, where you can quickly find a doctor or help if you need it. Even bathing in the living waters or on the public beach is not recommended for the youngest, but after two years of age, with the proper care, you can take it in as soon as possible. Naturally, a little bit of water, quenching and overheating should be protected. It is also worth considering that domestic hygienic water is generally considered to be polluted by hygienists. babaъsztatбsra This applies also to pools that are specially cleaned and uncleaned for this purpose. One of the mothers complained: her baby would feel worse after a full day of bathing. It is good for her to visit her once a year with the child before the beach season - your advice sounded - probably because of a lump of water that swells in the water and closes the sound until it is discharged.

Quiet complaints

The mother of a five-year-old boy complained that the child was swallowing loudly, "pumped", as if he were cumming. It is believed that there is no serious problem, Doctor Votisky said, and it is possible that at the time of captivity (in any case, it has deteriorated), the tooth is full and the tongue is still providing sufficient support for the tongue. If you still have this problem after the appearance of permanent teeth, then it is worthwhile to make a linguistic rant. There are several reasons for snoring. Inclined nosebleeds are sometimes only worn over the age of 10-12. There were some who reported that snoring had stopped after the nasal tonsil extraction. open mouth for sleeping there may be several reasons, such as oblique nasal sinuses, nasal tonsils, but even if you die from a transmissible infection or for some other reason your child gets used to sleeping with his mouth open and after he has stopped, he does not pay attention during this period, the muscles around the mouth became weak, and he "forgets his mouth open". (In the latter case, you can train in a simple way: the little one will take a slice of paper in his mouth, and the parent will playfully take it away - if your exercise is done by the outboard muscles.) It is unlucky to sleep well, since in this case, the nasal function of the nose, which acts as a warm air filter and narrows the lungs, is less likely. Doctor Votisky reassured me that although food allergies can cause mental illness, even at such a young age, it is even more costly that simple, banal causes of this discomfort.
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