Füles requests, sore throats

Füles requests, sore throats

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One of the most common health problems in toddlerhood is upper respiratory illness and dehydration, and it is no wonder that our patients are interested in dr. Balogh Lszszlü Ful-nose-gaze visiting baby room chat.

Problems with young children

Overhauls can be dangerous

One of the recurring requests of parents interested in chat in the toddler's ear was about the "muddy" blanket: how often to clean the children's ear and how to do it. Many were surprised Doctor Balogh warning: do not clean your ears with drycleaners, just wash them with your fingers as much as they can. Because cleaning can only cause bruising, obstructs the natural discharge of the flapand by sealing the fluff that had accumulated there, it can also plug the ear. If, on the other hand, he is so overwhelmed that he is at risk of clogging, or if there is another sign (the kid is hunched over, the ear is flabby), he should be taken to a specialist: vбladйkot.

Enlargement of the nasal tonsil can cause a lot of discomfort

One of the mothers complained that the baby, once hot, could only sleep with his head raised, and would not get air in his nose, even if his nose was clean. Another toddler snores during sleep and often sleeps with his mouth open. In all cases, a specialist examination is warranted. These symptoms are most commonly found in large nasal tonsil which, if you repeatedly complain, is worth charging after one year.It is important to note that hallбszavarok there may be enlargement of the nasopharynx in the background, be aware that, for example, the child does not respond to the whisper and speaks loudly. The introduction of the tympanic membrane may also be a consequence of the same change. The nasal tonsil exception is done over the age of one, but it may also need to be repeated as it may grow out again after one to two years. However, with any treatment for rhinitis, surgery is usually used to look at childhood, 14 to 15 years of age, as it can improve by itself.

Breathe freely

The uninterrupted transparency of nasal passages is extremely important, therefore, catarrhal symptoms should not be neglected in order to prevent the development of facial inflammation or other diseases. The nasal drops they help a lot, but the directions for use need to be followed: there are examples that can only be applied for up to five days, or, with stubborn symptoms, it is worth taking a few days off. During the pause, physiological saline (boiling water, decincin with a pinch of juice), and even a few drops of breast milk can relax the nasal passages. Laszlo Balogh, a pregnant woman who was interested in avoiding coughing after she was pregnant. Many moms advocate the use of the pulse-nose because they "feel" the tongue-in-cheek protests. "We have failed with the use of dust, and after a couple of attempts I cannot overcome it," a mother complained. "Call for help, what's down in the town hall." he replied with sympathetic humor dr. Balogh Laszlo, who is not only a practitioner but also a knowledgeable nun is aware of the importance of correct nose spelling. A more serious problem has arisen among the questions raised in the chat. The mother of a 27-month-old boy reported that the week of little three was dry, chilly night, her eyes were green, and the eye nose drops from home medicine did not work. "These symptoms are also common in facial inflammation," Dr. Balogh warned. Definitely one ear-nose surgery examination, where they also follow up with an enlarged nasal tonsil in the back. And inflammation of the face is usually treated with the use of antibiotics, nasal drops, warming up.

You may also need a hearing test

More and more have been asked by their doctor about hearing children: what to do if you have hearing loss. In any case, you should consult a specialist: a hearing test is usually done at the age of five, and younger methods are used. If there are other signs associated with an impeded hearing disorder, such as a minor speech disorder or other developmental disorder, you need to take it to an early development center to show it.Related articles in this article:
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