Take a look at tips for boys

Take a look at tips for boys

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Babies with light elegance hook their little pegs (or anything that looks like a peg) into their hands, and little boys are enthusiastic about hiding keys in everything. Sometimes it seems a bit mystical that behavior is so genetically wrong.

Happy karбcsonyt the fiъknak!

Let's see what games are great for little boys. (Much of the 0-3 age range is now considered.)

Autу, autу, autу

Trash is the most interesting thing in the world. Orange, big, raises small trash cans and dumps trash in the stomach. Mбgikus. This also fascinates the little ones in general. Little boys' top favorites are mid-range. I have a mommy boyfriend who has a must-follow program on Tuesday morning. You can get pretty big ones, but one of my favorites is WOW Toys szelektнv autуja. The price is cool, but you can catch some good stock before Christmas.

Fъr sculpture kalapбl

There's the egg / diaper on the bottom, but with screwdriver. Ismerхs? Ettхl small wood szerelхpadtуl йn is completely melted. It can be hammered, twisted, twisted, and I'm not amazed at the length of time it takes to pull off the little berries.

The real pцttyцs

No cheating, no cheating: the ball can be seen. Szйp, pцttyцs ball. But of course football is little one can. I know a little rider who could barely ride, but he was aiming well. Now, barely two days later, the playmate's left.

Legу all mennyisйgben

The legу йletforma. Fьggхsйg. Basically unisex, but if I had to decide, I'd put the boys on the side. At this age it is still mostly the larger piece duplуk the toplistбsok. Effectiveness can be enhanced if autosocial or pet friendly is selected.

Wooden Train

I don't think I would have known if one of my dear friends was not visiting and had a gigantic smile on his face, which he had just dipped in one of the grandstands. It is not yet decided if this year's daddy will play with him, but in a familiar circle, dobogуs ajбndйk a wooden train.

Bъjj, bъjj

When I was swordsman this holiday UV sбtor besides, my brother didn't have a word. I also wondered how easy it was to get in the waist - and at home I did everything. We didn't close the door after us when he had already set the tent up in the living room ... Then they were happy with the child, and they couldn't be blown up all night. Because the bunker, the bastard. Okay, girls can get in sometimes ...

+1 tip: Choose an extra cool game

If you get bored of awesome gifts, enter a super game like rajzolу the robot teknхs or kйpen lбthatу kйszsйgfejlesztх kormбny. The car's dashboard is light, the steering wheel is rotated, its keys are pressed to emit different sounds and melodies, and there is no little boy who doesn't touch it. If you're looking for something great for bigger explorers, check out what's been a big success in the "Country Play" tournament.