Could my child be shortened?

Could my child be shortened?

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My baby often goes closer to his father and tends to paper even when he is doodling. Maybe you didn't see it right?

In the "fitting", the focus is on the small muscles of the eye. In order to produce an equally sharp image of differently distant objects in the nerve cortex, the lens has to vary the light rays in different dimensions. In the middle, the lens is more pronounced, and flattened remotely - this tightening work is done by the tiny muscles.

Did you know that the younger you look, the closer you look?

Ideally, they work perfectly well at school, so the child can see well when he or she looks at the board or when his or her notebook is leaning up. In the past, they still do not function at full capacity: the younger the child, the closer they look. This can be decided by an eye examination. If the parent has observed a characteristic, it is advisable to report the question to the child - recommends dr. Katalin Sйnyi pediatric ophthalmologist.
During the intensive phase of growth, the lens will grow over the age of six to ten, which may cause currency shortnessor it may worsen an untreated problem.
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