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Music, lights, cute teddy bears

Music, lights, cute teddy bears

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The baby print was captured by flying teddy bears, and my baby was stunned by the stars on the evening wall. There was everything from laughing to happy embracing.

Music, lights, cute teddy bears Along with the Music Giraffe Games, we have also tested a 3-in-1 baby sleeper, which is also a Fisher-Price product. The toys are powered by 4 AA and 2 AAA batteries and can be mounted on a baby's baby.
It is very simple to assemble a cute little "toy empire" in the baby's head in no time at all.

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Flying plush cats are equipped with butterfly wings, which in my opinion is enough to attract attention (although this was only interesting to me, and from the viewpoint of children, it is absolutely nothing, and besides). , blue and purple as well as their wings are the same color and have different patterns. The plastic part of the toy can be fitted with white, green and blue, as well as a baby boy and girl with a calm heart.The baby flute soothes children with music, natural sounds and background noise (white noise) while teddy bears are spinning. These features are located on the top of the rotating projector, with an easy-to-use interface and adjustable sound. It can also be controlled with the baby cot. Throwing out stars on the ceiling, which is especially legal in the evening, can be removed from the game and used outside. The trigger function can be used on its own, without sound.My baby boy was staring at the stars on the wall in the evening pruba, and the little bear was completely stunned by the flying teddy bears. They both calmed down to the melodic music and fell asleep a bit later. out of the games. The spin on its own, with its music and projection features, gives kids great fun and plenty to learn.According to the recommendation on the box, it can be used from the age of birth, so I have a peace of mind to recommend to anyone who wants to buy a multi-functional, interesting toy for the child.Related articles on Child Development:
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