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The Mummy Magazine's altered team took Muni under his wings. The mother of two has made her style a little bit thicker.


Múnika Csobbdi's little girl, Kamilla's two-year-old son, and Botond are six months old. It wasn't easy for her mother to get rid of the two small children, but she was able to finally help her to relocate to a pregnant mother in a relocated workplace.
Muni has worked as a communications manager on a communications agency, where the right look has always been a high profile. Although the mother is not planning on returning to work, she was very afraid to get ideas for refreshment and a makeover.
At first, stylist Orsolya White gave Muni's different style clothes. The mother asked her to offer her a costume for an evening getaway that she could feel for her again. So I chose the leopard dress, which is great to wear with fine accessories. For daytime running, a skilled pullover trouser combination is suggested by the expert, which can also be tossed with accessories - a belt, a necklace, and accessories.
My friend Zoltán Hegedыs, at the Allure Salon, has a haircut. She was open to all presentations, so Zoli bravely began to make an asymmetrical hairstyle. The new style completely changed the mother's exterior, and of course, the hairdresser also got the idea of ​​how she could gently disappear into her face during the weekdays.
Horacsek Bgi Make-up artist also provided Muni with beauty tips. Amongst many products, we have selected the best foundation for mum's eyes, including eye shadow and rose. However, the make-up tattoo did not receive praise because he had overwhelmed Muni's traits.
The last action taken by the relocated workshop was in the photographic library. Stefi Szilágyi made a professional photo series for a mother-in-law with her two children, who, at the end of the day, received the pictures.
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