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Dr. Judit Boros at the Golden Moments Award!

Dr. Judit Boros at the Golden Moments Award!

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Dr. Boros Judit

- graduated in 1983 from Semmelweis Medical University
- Performed Integrative Psychotherapy Training
- He has passed a lactation specialist exam
- The mother of three children
- At St. Stephen's Hospital in Budapest, she usually conducts and operates a midwife

We do not need to introduce Dr. Boros Judit to the Maternity Magazine and our readers, as you can often read your contributions and expert responses. Now that you have the opportunity to vote for one of the nominees for the Golden Mummy from November 9-20, 2011, we will revive an older but still up-to-date speaker.
Is it good to be a baby girl? The people in the region are highly respected and men-centered. In my first workplace, where I started the profession and got practice twenty-six years ago, I explained an intervention beside the patient to a young, flaky male colleague. The colleague missed me while I was staying with the patient, who asked me, "Nurse, will the doctor come back?" In other words, it is also worth considering whether the patient can at all imagine a female obstetrician, whether she has the necessary knowledge or trust. In my experience, there seems to be no easy position for people in this profession. I have been asked many times by men about how women relate to me. They started from the premise that a woman could be uncomfortable if her intimate body parts were touched by another woman, not a man. I have also been deeply impressed by the first operation of my life. I opened the patient's stomach with my left hand - which is so strange because in the operating room, the service of the instruments, the assistance of the assistants, all follow the "right-handed schedule". The elder fellow asked in amazement: Why are you left-handed? When I confessed that I was a left-handed man, he sighed, "That's it!" Let's learn how to operate with better hands! It seemed to me that I learned these operations with better hands, and now I can do them equally well with my hands.
- Say, "raw physical strength" is an important strength in a woman's body. How can a woman be competitive on this tour? Instead of raw physical strength, I would say more power, because it requires a great deal of birth. After all, it is not uncommon for us to work twenty hours all the time, or to call for birth after just a few hours of sleep.
- What influenced your approach the most?
I often have a baby in my parents. At the very least, I feel when I massage my butt's waist when I allow myself to cling to my neck or lean on the floor. Where many are born with epidural anesthesia, there is no need to do so because we turn off the pain. The one who chooses me is usually active in the struggle for survival, and my commitment to the physical-psychic community that we create. The need to get to know spiritual processes in the midst of childbirth meant that I also underwent psychotherapy training. I realized how important it is for a mother to have a relationship with being a woman. This also affects the absence of childbirth, which is why I would like to provide my mother with spiritual support. If you were to be andrology, it would be just as important for me to understand the men I am trying to heal.
- How did your own birth affect your job?
- My first and second birth took place under "traditional" conditions. I felt lonely, even though I was surrounded. My third birth had my son with me. In my own life, I realized how important it is to be touched, to be truly parenting, to look at each other. Birth is an intimate situation that does not require the presence of a doctor or a nurse. It is important that the male is not just looking, since birth is, in a sense, the end of the sexual act that created the baby. It was an important experience that I could personally experience it.