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How do you maintain proper posture during pregnancy?

How do you maintain proper posture during pregnancy?

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The body of the pregnant woman undergoes complete transformation during pregnancy and then during the nursing of the infant. These changes are natural, but at the same time, they pose a significant challenge and extra burden on our business and spine.

How do you maintain proper posture during pregnancy?

What are the changes during pregnancy?

The growing bee and the fetus in it will tip the pelvis ("puffy position"). This is accompanied by an increase in the waist and then the spinal cord. This is exacerbated by enlargement of the breast, which forwards the back, shoulders, and neck. During the final stages of pregnancy, the baby is stimulated by the production of the hormone relaxin. This allows the pelvis to expand and at the same time degrades the stability of all the ribbons!

What can I do about it?

The size and weight loss during pregnancy is inevitable and also desirable for the healthy development of our baby. As you say, the baby takes away from the mother's body what she needs! However, our bodies are amazingly adaptable, just give you the chance and a little help to avoid being stressed out due to business and waistline!


Our muscles can be divided into two main groups according to their function. The locomotor muscles are lightly strengthened and develop almost simultaneously with increased workout, buttocks, so they are not a problem. However, sustained or stabilized muscles are easily "left behind", especially if there have been several previous signs of this in the brain.

Our muscles have changed

Changes in posture alone are not abnormal, and not necessarily with complaints. Complaints are caused if our stabilizing muscles with the changed situation are unable to keep up and the whole load is "stuck" to the ribbons, the disc, our stores. Since our muscles can be developed almost infinitely, it seems logical to strengthen them lighten the burden on our stores.

What movement is recommended?

Most international professional recommendations agree that we can perform low-to-moderate exercise exercises during uncomplicated pregnancies, and they are especially recommended. However, it does not matter what we start with and how we implement it. Special due to muscle inequality, ъn. stable exercises may be recommended. Many weight training exercises can be achieved, but the whole body embraces and is specially designed for stabilizing muscles the Pilates method seems unbeatable.

What exercises do you do during your pregnancy?

Customized exercises for the Pilates method are provided by our Pilates-trained body and according to our current state, supported by specialized pilates machines. They are not potent, they are very light, they promote the development of the muscles of the muscles, and they suppress our "muscular" muscles. Such muscles include the dorsal, dorsal, lumbar (including the pelvic floor) muscles. Exercise is indicated by spasticity and tightness, which can be seen in the muscles around the calf, thigh and shoulder.
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