Gхgicйl, you growl

Gхgicйl, you growl

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The mother and her couple get in touch with the baby much sooner than the baby-wearing trunks would arrive. From tomorrow to tomorrow, we'll show you what your baby and parents need to do to help keep their little one developing smoothly.

Gхgicйl, you growl

After childbirth, a healthy baby appears on the surface, grimly signaling the sound of the world. Flax will become increasingly characteristic and subtle as the newborn evolves. It communicates with the environment with its help, responds to sudden light, noise, signals its health, pain, distress. In this period, even without voices, but it shapes it, it rounds its mouth as if to say something to us. The two-month-old baby, call your attention to ghagicism. And the 4-5-month-old baby is consciously humming, playing with his voice. Each child learns his or her mother tongue in the same way, the difference being determined by the given language environment. The half-heartedness refers to interrelated audio relationships, such as ba-ba, la-la-la. And what a joy for a mother when she first hears today-today-today. Although this is not a conscious birth of a mother, it is a kind statement of the developmental stage. At six or eight months of age, the little one understands and understands where she is, in the room, in the garden. If you feel alone, you will be attracted to your mother with glamor: today. The often-repeated expression of Mama is then conscious and directed towards the mother. At this age, the baby is becoming more and more consciously imitating. With nine-month-old babies, the parent can play with play. He announces his little joy with a loud laugh. He understands the meaning of non-meaning more and more. Of course, this is not a coincidence, since the word of prohibition is heard more and more in the environment: Don't take it in my mouth! Etc. A one-year-old toddler can say a few meaningful words (baby, mom, tik-tak). These words have a variety of meanings, depending on the volume, the tone and the expression on the face, and the gesture.

Relationship with the baby

Women often encourage their prospective mothers and fathers during pregnancy to talk more about the fetus. The newborn will be able to communicate more easily with his parents if he has already had a loving relationship with him / her during his / her childbirth. In the Newborn's environment, he is very soon able to make him aware of the need for, care for, talk to, and listen to. A careful parent needs to tell the little one about everything that is related to him / her that is related to him / her.

Slowly, let it go

A baby can also be worth telling, singing, telling, even if we don't know everything exactly. To help you understand everything, you can get to the next stage of development with regular communication. Ezйrt parents should slowly, well, talk to their babies.
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