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Have a nice skin! Our ideas will help

Have a nice skin! Our ideas will help

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One of the major fears of a baby is that the skin will be laced with pregnancy. Here are some tips to help you avoid annoying skin problems.

All our memories are welcomed by the pregnant woman - except one: pregnancy stings! Unfortunately, you have a very common occurrence, according to the health portal, ten out of every nine. Rapidly changing sizes prevent the skin from stretching, stretching and causing annoying stings. There is a lot you can do to reduce or even prevent skin defects. Our ideas help to keep your skin fresh and tight.

Get hydrated every day!

In the first third, it still seems so unbelievable that once in a while you won't be able to see your toe in the tummy. Therefore, you do not care much about skin care, although from the first day of pregnancy it is worth preparing for the changing forms. Use an oil-mixed body cream in the morning and in the evening to prevent the skin.


After childbirth is not necessary drastic diet hold on, because sudden weight loss is very bearable for the skin. Give your body and tissues time to regain their old form. This way, the already developed pregnancy hips will not look that much.

Be careful with the sun!

Use staining cream on your stomach in the summer

In the summer, especially if you are staying in the sun for an extended period of time on a vacation or beach, don't forget fйnyvйdхvel smear your stomach! If the already brown pregnancy hips are in the sun, they will be more brownish and more prominent. The same goes for the solarium.These will also be useful:
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