Esther's diary - 10 am 21 grams

Esther's diary - 10 am 21 grams

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The baby also needs a little outgoing. Esther calls it Maiday-Out. All this in a pub with Roxy.

The fragrant spring is still cooler, and my mood is more damp and cool, just fitting into the gray November-December, I don't know what month it is. There are times when it doesn't matter.
I had a good night yesterday, had to go out, meet Roxi, and I was dewy, and I wanted to go. Giza went to the pub, she was cute. Always that. I was sick and tired, but I didn't want to be interested, even though I was drinking a beer that was good for me, popped and relaxed instead of vomit, and my stomach was so good. We talked a lot, laughed, finally, I felt a little bit myself, I was not outspoken. Therefore, the sensation that Roxi has shaken in me will not let me rest, or am I so ill because I am psychologically opposed to my pregnancy? It's awful to think about it, it's so messy now that I can't answer simple questions, let alone! What the hell is better? Are you holding my throat or the baby? Of course, being sick, I have no reason not to wait for this kid. When I was a college student, I was shopping for baby clothes because I wanted to be a mom. I knew in high school that I would have a son first, so I did. Can only such sensations disappear then? I say everything to gaze, even with my eyes closed and my voice dead, I want to yell what I feel, what I don't feel and what they think. And he always thinks that there is nothing wrong, hormones in me, if I get better, everything will work out. I'm going to be a mom, she says, and her voice works better and faster than two magnesium tablets. Х He always knew me better than I knew myself. You don't need to know that.
Meanwhile, Mommy arranged a bloodshed for me, suspicious of this great weakness (everyone is suspicious). I had to show up by the morning of the week, and I don't know how I got to the orders. I think I became a zombie. The results of the blood test indicated hypothyroidism, which is not good because it is a hormone (TSH) that is responsible, among other things, for the development of fetal organs. My mother was right again. I received a referral to the János Hospital for Endocrinology, where I got two and a half after a blood test, and the doctor stated that he had just three minutes, and then the system was shut down. And the hormone doesn't work, and I've had a lot of trouble with it for a week now, after I stopped having a baby. For two years my menstruation disappeared, and ten doctors couldn't say anything useful, except for the salesman of Kékgolyú Street Herbaria, who last time handed me a box of memphis capsules. Fifteen months later, in a week, everything had returned to old-fashioned circling, and I became a well-balanced, biologically sound woman. So I was a little nervous about the doctor's quick diagnosis in 180 seconds and deciding on a hormone dose that I would take for weeks (?). I told her pretty quickly that I had never had a problem with TSH before my pregnancy, but since I had no old record, she was not very interested in the information. In any case, I received the prescription, fifty micrograms of medication daily, on an empty stomach until my pregnancy. I'll be back in March for a bloodbath. Anyбm! I need to take medicine regularly! It's a fact I need to work on.
I've been complaining about the drug, and my requests have been shaking, will it always be like that now? Do you have to take it? You won't have side effects? If you set the normal values ​​for March, is that okay? Then can I stop taking? And the kind, chubby girl told me to take it all the way because it is important for the baby, it is possible that after pregnancy, the normal values ​​return to normal, but if not, learn to live with it, which is the end of it. Let's hope for the best. Fifty micrograms is less than 21 grams, right?