Prolapsus after birth

Prolapsus after birth

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Depression of the pelvic organs is caused by damage to the musculoskeletal system, which, in addition to childbirth, may be accompanied by severe physical strain or certain chronic diseases. We talked about the dangers of prolapse and the treatment modality with the help of Claus.

The uterus is an inverted pear body in the pelvis with a large portion of the smooth muscle. As a general rule, muscles and ligaments are tightly attached to the pelvis, which, however, can be weakened for some reason, which can cause the larynx to sink. According to some studies, half of middle-aged women struggle with the problem, but many do not seek medical attention and are not aware of it. And the problem can be remedied, and not just on the road!

Causes and Symptoms of Prolapse

In the course of conception, the bee is anatomically exposed vaginal inlet direction. Prolapsus uterus can be talked about when the organ is down to the vaginal output - he said Dr. Demjén Lszszlou, Oxygen Medical's baby girl. The following factors play a role in the development of congestion:
  • ЙletkorA: During the menopause, fewer female hormones are produced and the likelihood of congestion increases as estrogen levels fall.
  • Tъlerхltetйs: Heavy physical work can result in weakening of the musculoskeletal system.
  • Szьlйs: During vaginal delivery, the muscles of the thighs are subjected to extreme stress, especially during the postpartum period. The occurrence of concussion is much more common in mothers who have given birth to more children.
  • BetegsйgA: Certain disorders (chronic illness or comorbidity) reduce the flexibility of the tissues, which may help to develop the problem.
Prolapse occurs with relatively few specific symptoms. The most common is vaginal discomfort in the vagina, sexual life, discomfort, and frequent urinary incontinence and urinary incontinence. They are typically more common in some patients vaginal infections too. The age, general health and severity of the patient also have a significant influence on the type and intensity of the symptoms - explained by the maternity leave.

Occurrence and treatment of prolapse

Prolapse typically affects most middle-aged or older women, but generally speaking, almost every parent of at least two or more children can have some form. Severity is influenced by many factors, so the treatment method can only be determined after a detailed examination.Almost all women who have at least two or more children may have congestive Prolapsus. It examines the patient both lying down and lying down. In more severe cases, the physical examination will not be completed, as serious condensation may lead to fissure in the heat conductors. In such a case, your doctor may perform an ultrasound examination to determine the patient's condition. mыtйti, or conservative, ie mûtét is not. In advanced conditions, many physicians recommend surgical solutions, and in older and more severe cases, they are usually used. However, since in most cases, it is not possible to achieve perfect results (gender unbalances remain painful), and complaints may become less important, the alternative solutions should be overlooked. on complaints. For example, the Kegel exercise can help strengthen the muscles of the hind limb, this exercise can be done alone at home after a short practice. There are also some tools that can help support the movement of the pelvis. THE hьvelypesszбriumok they can be used to replace pelvic organs or to prevent deterioration of the condition. Ring rubbers made of rubber gum (Mayer gyыrы) placed in the vagina by your doctor - this should be removed, cleaned and reinserted every three months. There are modern, silicone tools which patients put on themselves every day. At night, these should be removed to allow the tissues to regenerate under a few hours.

Prevention of prolapse

Because obesity also plays a role in the development of prolapse, maintaining an ideal weight can be an important part of prevention. Like many other illnesses, it is important in this case as well active lifestyle, regular exercise and health, fiber rich diet too. Postpartum gymnastics help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, but in the months following, It is worth refraining from lifting heavy weights And the strenuous movement.