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Tongues can also cause breastfeeding difficulties

Tongues can also cause breastfeeding difficulties

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Exclusive breastfeeding today is recommended by infants up to six months of age. This can be prevented by a simple but often untreated difference, researchers at the University of Florida suggest.

The tongue (frenulum linguae) is the sublingual tongue which attaches the tongue to the lower part of the mouth.
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lejбtszбs If it is not long enough, the newborn will not be able to breastfeed with good techniques, causing pain to her mother, and many will abandon breastfeeding.
"Intervention is called frenectomy. It is even simpler to intervene, it takes longer to fill in the patient's consent statement than the surgery itself. The problem is, many doctors do not consider the intervention itself necessary because they have not learned the importance of the intervention, "according to an article published in Pediatrics.

Tongues can also cause breastfeeding difficulties

This tiny difference prevents babies from performing the tongue movement necessary for effective breastfeeding. The milk flows from the baby bottle by itself, but at the time of suckling, it must be able to press the tongue to the palate. If you just bite your nipple like a baby's glass, your mother will be very bitter, your breast will be blocked and your milk will not flow.Infants have 2 to 5 percent of babies born with a diminished tongue, which also causes breastfeeding difficulties for the infants. In America, 4 million children are born each year, with between 40,000 and 100,000 people born with short tongues. The article reported an infant who had problems with nutrition and weight gain by six months less than at birth. Going to the town hall, he gained a kilo in less than 36 hours, after picking up a tongue-in-cheek.
This extreme example is also a good illustration of the significance of the difference. Breast milk is the ideal nutritional formula for infants according to the American Children's Court. "Infants who are so overweight are more vulnerable to disease, so we want to encourage pregnant women to breastfeed further," she said. Jerry Isaac kayaking in Florida.
With the help of an international medical team, they are working to develop a screening method that helps early detection of the dehiscent tongue. Doctors still do not attach much importance to frenectomy, and many people cannot recognize or treat short language.
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