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I'll be againHow to dress after gyes?

I'll be againHow to dress after gyes?

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Soon you will find yourself in the kitchen and the playground after the playground. Start changing roles by changing your look and wardrobe.

Typical toddler moms wont miss the flat heels, warm and waterproof shoes, waist-down, hooded jackets, worn-out corduroy trousers, woolen cap and hoodie. It is almost certain that your boss does not train a competent workforce.
Coming to work brings a change in life for the whole family. In other rhythms, in other environments, you have to meet other requirements. It is a good idea to start preparing for the role a few months before your first day on the job. The appearance of the exterior, the appearance of the new, also helps in the internal tune-up, but it is not negligible that the training of a complete wardrobe cannot be solved in just one week.

My body has changed

The arrival of children leaves a mark on every woman's body. Many people struggle with excess weight, breastfeeding changes the size and shape of the breast, but it is also common for the size of the foot to increase by a whole number during pregnancy. If you mess with your baby's wardrobe, you can identify how much your shape has changed. Do not be surprised at the last minute, even when trying on shoes!


What is not good for you or shit on you, which is cruel or fashionable, do not keep it unnecessarily. You'll definitely not love the transformed pieces. Better save yourself by designing a variable, minimal office outfit and avoiding spontaneous buy-in. If you are unsure, ask your friend for advice! An outsider can also point out details that don't even appear to you. Worn, fluffy pullovers, spotty blouses, puffy seams and broken buttons do not give the impression of working together.

Hairstyle instead of hair

Countless "We're moving!" a series of photos attest to the fact that a woman's appearance is one of the most prominent hairstyles. Once you know what's good, what makes your face stand out, you've got it. An average hairstylist can also create the desired hairstyle based on a particular idea or photo. However, if you are a member of the multitude and you are mentored, you may want to visit a hairdressing salon that offers consultancy services or where you work as a stylist. Before you get caught up in your haircut and fantasize about a competitive hairstyle, think twice. What will your bunny have to offer and how the same hairstyle will look on an average Wednesday morning with 15 minutes left on your full toilet because the kids have eaten cocoa.

Business and agenda

An important consideration when designing your wardrobe is what colors look good or what style you feel good about. But you have to start with the basics. Think about what you are going to live on. Do you go by car, do you ride a bus or ride a bike? What kind of job do you work in? If you are letting your child go to kindergarten and dropping the wholesale market twice a week, as much as you like pencil skirts, you will find that they will not pay.
There will be a sure point in your life after you go to work. The chronic idiocy. It is a great help in the mornings like the many times that you have to choose from a wardrobe that fits almost everything. You have a wide variety of base pieces to wear, and only a few more character, live color or model stuff. Among the accessories, it is worth choosing the ones that are not only suitable for a single blouse.
We create a polyvor set up where you can design your wardrobe yourself.