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Childrenship: Is Money or Emotional More Important?

Childrenship: Is Money or Emotional More Important?

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According to a recent survey by the Kopp Marria Institute of Survival and the Family (Treasure), financial security is important for a child, but the mental and emotional background is much more important.

In addition to the financial security of the child, the mental and emotional background is more importantAccording to the survey, it is therefore important that the family-friendly approach is validated in all areas of life.Fûrsé TündePresident of the Treasury told MTI on Sunday that the institute is currently conducting a survey of visitors to BabaMama Expura in Papp Laszlo Arena about how they are doing with their children. There are more than two thousand people who have filled out the petition.
According to preliminary results, more than 70 percent of those questioned said that the mental and emotional background of a child is very important, and in this regard, the family-friendly mentality is of greater value to everyone.
As he said, 30 percent of respondents said that financial considerations are equally important, with the government trying to provide support. According to three quarters of respondents, housing conditions, a safe workplace, financial security and the stability of the relationship are important to having a child. Nearly 100 percent indicated that physical, mental, and mental maturity is essential to a child's birth.
According to 52 percent of respondents, marriage is important for having a child, 48 percent of whom think that it is good for parents to get married shortly before the baby is born. Response rates, the importance of relationship, workplace, and financial security, were identified as important aspects of the first child's birth. About 80 percent of siblings gave birth to the fact that it is important for a child to have a sibling.
According to 57 percent of the respondents, work and family are compatible, while only 30 percent of their respondents called their workplace family friendly. According to 73 percent of respondents, family welfare should provide the basis for family welfare. According to the survey, young children are mainly helped by their parents in childcare, but 50 percent are entitled to grandparents, and a quarter to big ones.
Tünde Fûrs said they have asked children and babies about the feeling of happiness, and it is clear that the happiness is specifically improved by the child - about one in eight.
The President of the Treasury explained that it is not only important to ask young children and children, it is just as important that the wider public also has an opinion on children's business, which is fundamentally national. He added that the government, in its national consultation, is asking all citizens about the protection of their families, and all this will give very good guidance to make the Hungarian family education policy more effective.
Treasure began operating in 2018, with Tünde Fischer hired to date and appointed head of the institute in early November. The task of the institute is to support and support Hungarian family and national policy by providing national and international research, analysis and professional events.
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