The Early Development Week program series has begun

The Early Development Week program series has begun

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Early Childhood Education calls attention to the importance of early childhood development: from Monday to week, we offer advice, trades, lectures, and inquiries in all districts and countries.

The Early Development Week program series has begunMosnyny Emke, the Chief Executive of the Trade Union said, during the week of the series, those interested will know what the expert and parent are doing during development, but there will be lectures and forums.
The organization previously said that between February 4th and 8th The 5th Early Development Week series aims to highlight the importance of providing therapy for children whose development differs from their peers and their immediate parents. Further to inform the affected, which is the shortest, most effective path to recovery, and how much the affected parent can do for the child. Eight out of a hundred children in Hungary are at risk because of different risk factors during pregnancy or childbirth. Such a danger may be the baby's small weight, for example. In these cases, it is crucial that the baby receive immediate help and therapy, as research has shown that there is a significantly greater chance of improvement if development begins early. The program guide can be found here.Related articles in Early Development:
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