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Hospital care of premature babies

Hospital care of premature babies

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In preterm care, the role of natural healing and the role of the family are now as important as the special hospital care of premature babies.

Hospital care of premature babiesIf a baby is born before the 37th week of pregnancy, we are talking about premature birth. They can be very different in the age of the baby in health, it depends very much on how much the baby is born in the first week of pregnancy. In most cases, the baby goes to a special hospital department, the PIC (Perinatal Intenational Center). Here, they are specifically designed for premature babies. Early babies may require special care, and monitors may require constant monitoring. Getting the baby in the best possible condition can seem like a lot of scare: monitors are fitted with pins on your body, you may need a machine-mounted, special tool. In developed countries, non-invasive interventions are increasingly preferred, and in Hungary this is becoming more common. Instead of machine ventilation (when a tube is inserted into the baby's duct), we use so-called CPAP breathing that can be attached to the nose in many places today. When a mother and father can grasp and embrace it, it is highly dependent on the condition and protocol of the hospital, as well as the condition of the baby. For premature babies, touch and body contact are very important. In an interview, Dr. Beata Schill, a neonatologist, said that "in kangarooing, the baby is, in romantic terms, reintroduced into the mother's body, forming an organic unit again, and the father may have a protective skin. in pelus, babies lie on their parents' naked chest, in a stress-free environment, preferably for as long as possible to expose them to as little movement as possible. The size and sound of a baby is such a fun effect on a baby that no other device is capable of patching. the amount you want knowing the utmost importance of baby in premature babies.Mother's body height and voice also make examinations easier, Dr. Baba Schill has also spoken out that she has experienced the unconcerned , resting on it, much calmer. So there are already several institutions where different examinations (blood, ophthalmic screening, ultrasound examination) are performed in kangaroo. Many families may not be able to cope with the stress of aging if the father is left out of the initial care and the situation is even more difficult. The body contact with the father is very important, the father's body works in the same way as a mother in a kangaroo, they also swell their bodies. Not to mention that on her parents' chest the baby gets to know the flurry that awaits them at home. breast milk is the baby, but also the most important part of home immune defenses), the importance of music therapy, so now a baby born by the 24th week will have a better chance of growing up.Related articles in Early Baby:
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