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Eyeshadow service for premature babies

Eyeshadow service for premature babies

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Instead of prematurely, care is taken away by the Peter Cerny Foundation and the Semmelweis University Ophthalmology Clinic's "Baby-Eye-Ment" program.

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Special screening at the right time can easily recognize early-stage neuralgia, or Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP), the most common cause of childhood cancer. "If you detect a change in time with a screening scan, laser treatment can virtually eliminate the risk of developing blindness. However, there are still premature babies who lose their lives due to ROP," dr. Németh Jбnos, director of the Department of Ophthalmology at Semmelweis University. The number of premature babies born with very low weight is increasing, although specialist for special screening and laser correction may not be available everywhere.
"The program elindнtбsбnak hбtterйben the felismerйs бllt to йvente 150-200 koraszьlцttet szбllнtottunk the orszбg kьlцnbцzх pontjairуl szemйszeti Semmelweis University vizsgбlatra and mыtйtre. Bбr the mentхautуink mыkцdnek mozgу intenzнv osztбlykйnt, traffic noise, the kцrnyezetvбltozбs does jуt is also very amъgy "Sensitive premature infants. We have therefore come up with the assistants who performed the examination and, if need be, the doctor who performs the operation," he recalls. dr. Zsolt Somogyvбri, professional manager of the Peter Cerny Foundation.
Rather, they travel the eye examination camera
For all this, the Peter Cerny Foundation has acquired a $ 21 million special eye test camera. Specially trained neonatological assistants for the test make videos of premature babies. The excerpts from these images are sent electronically to the Department of Ophthalmology at any point in the country, where the specialist can provide the diagnosis, or even the transmission, anyway. If laser treatment is needed, the premature baby is supplied with the necessary equipment and a specialist, and the procedure is stopped. It is recommended that all eyes born to babies weighing less than 1,500 to 2,000 grams, and before gestation week 32, should be examined regularly until they are fully evacuated, he said. dr. Maka Erika, a member of the Ophthalmology Clinic program. In some cases, the need for a laser intervention is one of a kind, which involves placing thousands of so-called "guns" in the eyes of the otherborn.
It does not reach all the needy
Every tenth 27-28. in a premature baby born by the week, intervention is needed for retinal nerve replacement (retinopathy) - presented data dr. Miklos Szabou, assistant professor at the Department of Pediatric Medicine No. 1, Semmelweis University. This proportion is increasing in proportion to the degree of impertinence: for those born by week 24, it is already forty percent. "In principle, 100 percent of premature infants get ROP screening, but in practice, we still haven't been able to require all exams without exception, repent, "he outlined the general situation.
THE Baby-Eye-Save program in principle, it is available in the Cerny Foundation's service area, that is, in forty percent of the country. In practice, however, institutions outside the service area also receive assistance in numerous cases.
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