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Your foster child is coming

Your foster child is coming

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The government aims to develop and strengthen family-centered child protection, said the State Secretary for Social Affairs in the Ministry of Human Resources.

Attila Fьlöp reminded me that there are 23,000 children in the child protection system and 15-16,000 live in their families. There are eight thousand children living in orphanages, but we want to make sure that these children are also raised as families, he added.The Nursing Kindergarten Comes (Photo: iStock) According to the Secretary of State, there are currently 5,800 educators in Hungary, most of them older people, but more and more young people are involved in this mission. In terms of financial support, educators said benefits have increased over the past period, employment in 2014 became the Education Authority and will be introduced in January 2020. raising your child All children have the right to grow up in a family, only a strong nation and a strong community can give safety to children who have had to go out of their way or have to help and support them.
MTI said Attila Fьlцp kйrdйsйre, continuing the nevelхszьlхi hбlуzat fejlesztйse, this uniуs forrбsbуl about 1.2 milliбrd HUF fordнtottak the elmъlt kйt йvben.Ebben the program of professional kйpzйsek йs lehetхsйg was also next to the szakmafejlesztйs tбrgyi eszkцzцk beszerzйsйre the tбmogatбsbуl everyday hasznбlati tбrgyakat , for example, refrigerators and washing machines could be bought by educators - added the secretary of state.
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