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Women 40 Programs: Greater Living Space for Grandmothers

Women 40 Programs: Greater Living Space for Grandmothers

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The government's goal is to have more women live up to the grandparent's image, and to be active in the family life, and this is supported by the Women in 40 program, said Emmi's Family Fellowship.

Women 40 Programs: Greater Living Space for GrandmothersKatalin Novák reminded me that the Women 40 program after 40 years of service before the retirement age allows women to retire, thus "giving back to their grandmothers, and making it possible for the grandmothers". The Secretary of State said that the 11 weeks of the vacancy are a great challenge for parents, and grandmothers and grandfathers get a big role. And while grandparents and grandchildren spend time together, intergenerational co-operation is on the horizon, added Katalin Novák. csalбdok kйpviselnek уriбsi йrtйket, eltцltцtt the nagyszьlхkkel idх and szуlу йletre experience йs ajбndйk.A kormбny the vбlasztбsok utбn the nйpessйgfogyбs megбllнtбsбt tыzte out one fх cйljбnak, tцbb kutatбs also tбmasztja alб that gyermekvбllalбsi tцbb tйnyezхtхl also like fьgg, but those orszбgokban more children are born, where women are supported to go back to work if they want flexible forms of work, quality in-home care is provided, where the father also takes care of the child, support families the way they want to live with their small child.
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