We would also extend protection against HPV to boys

We would also extend protection against HPV to boys

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The government would extend HPV protection to 12-year-old boys as part of the school protection program, said the health secretary general at a meeting in Budapest on Saturday.

We would also extend protection against HPV to boysIldikу Horvath said that since 2014, the state has been providing 12 year olds with cervical cancer vaccination in schools, a success rate of 75 per cent this year.
As he added, there is a growing body of medical evidence that vaccination against boys is effective against human papilloma virus (HPV).
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Ildikou Horvath said that it was important to have a sense of responsibility when it comes to strictly speaking, because, as she said, there are still few people with free screening among women between the ages of 25 and 65.
The Secretary of State for Health also said that from 2019, women who have endometriosis, breast, cervical or ovarian disease will receive a discount.
Koiss Roubert, chief physician of the United St Stephen's and St. Louis County Courthouse, also emphasized the importance of screening and vaccination, as a combination of the two can prevent cervical cancer.
It is very difficult to detect cervical cancer at an early stage because it does not show more distinct symptoms unless the tumor has spread to a large extent. Regular screening has a huge role to play, as the earlier the disease is recognized, the better the chances of healing - he emphasized.
Screening also shows a large proportion of cancerous conditions, so treatment can prevent the development of cervical cancer, he emphasized.
The XIII. European Cervical Cancer Week, which draws attention to the dangers of cancer in women, the annual screening tests and the importance of immunization. In connection with this, the Mountaineering Foundation organizes professional and well-educated lectures and programs related to this subject in 120 settlements of the country.Related articles on HPV:
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