Bathing when the baby arrives

Bathing when the baby arrives

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Bathing a baby in every family means more than just cleaning. Not only the little ones, but also the adults, are excited about the evening ceremony.

Bathing when the baby arrives

Before you start bathing let's get everything thereyou may need before, during and after bathing. The room temperature should be at least 24 ° C. As long as your baby is tiny, bathing is best. Some types have their own feet, but they can also be placed on a large bathtub-lined bed. Before bathing, first fill the bath with cold water and then add hot water. The water temperature should be 34-36 ° C. THE water temperature checker check with our arms. If you are uncertain about the temperature, use a thermometer. Lightly place the baby in the bathtub, supporting the head and back with our arms. With the other hand, we wash the baby, starting with the face and the downward movement of the eyes. Soap is not at all a tiny bit, perfect for with clear water There is also a bathtub. If you absolutely need a bathtub, you can use baby bathtubs instead of soap. Always read the ingredients and try to can be most natural, use a bathtub specifically designed for babies. Avoid fragrances and allergenic ingredients.As long as the herb stump does not fall, bathe the baby in so much water that does not cover your belly. The stump is pollinated up to a maximum of the first couple of days, but even so, it costs less than it uses. The oil stump is brushed with alcohol after bathing. olajozбsrуl There are also divergent opinions among home practitioners: there are those who recommend it before bathing, and others afterwards. The baby's skin is dry, so it is advisable to use oil.When done with the bath, lift the baby out of the tub and place it in a warm turntable.

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If you raise your head and your baby starts kicking, you will enjoy bathing. Instead of holding your body tense, you start to enjoy your body floating in the water and feel light, strong and free. By the age of three, bathing can become one of your baby's favorite years. If you really chose that, let's spend a lot of time let her enjoy out every minute. It is best to bathe the baby before feeding in the evening, if it is long paddling, kicking, better preparing for sleep at night. There's something to do with your big bath. Be careful that your baby is not scared of the greater weight of the water, the changed conditions. If you find that you are very half-hearted, temporarily place your little one in the big box to get used to the big box. Let's try bathing while bathing, and putting everything in front of you, the packed bathtub you may need. csъszkбlбs to avoid placing a rubber sheet in the bottom of the tub, an old tricot so your baby will feel more secure. You have to hold the baby firmly with your left hand with your fingers and wrists to support the head, it can turn around, get under water. The bigger child enjoys bathing light color game. Never leave it alone in the bathtub, even if it is safe to live. It is worthwhile for children to use some foam baths, which will relieve the dirt on older children all day. Now you don't have to catch the baby anymore, but let's stay away from Christmas, never leave it alone, let's not get out of the bathroom. The two-year-old child can open the hot spring tap. It can drown in as much as 8-10 cm of water. It is important to wrap the tap with a cloth to avoid problems caused by hot water dripping or water tap injury. If you adhere to safety rules, evening bathing can be one of the most enjoyable experiences of the day for 2-3 year olds. we also wash our hairwhen you can easily get the hair shampoo into your child's eyes. From unpleasant peeling eyes to tiny ones, you can have a hair wash for a lifetime. So let's give it a try. use an easy-to-use shampoo that is not dripping.
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