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The Education Campaign for the Incarnate has been launched

The Education Campaign for the Incarnate has been launched

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The government-run Campaign for Raising Children is aimed at bringing as many children as possible to the family, said the deputy state secretary for social affairs in Gyor.

Stephen Attila Stephen said the government is trying to help make this happen and is trying to break down any legal barrier that discriminates between the blood, the adopted and the foster child.The Educational Campaign for the Fundraiser Launched (Photo: MTI / Csaba Krizsбn) Among other things educational work has been changed from employment to employment and January 1st, 2020 parents can also receive a childcare allowance - mentioned examples.The campaign aims to draw the attention of the educational institution, to strengthen it, because this also strengthens the Hungarian families, and it guarantees that our nation will survive - without this, we cannot successfully complete this work.Simon Attila Stephen has also stated that it is not the intention that all children in state care should be brought up, but is directed at educators who, in addition to raising their cheese children and working, accept children who have broken away from their bloody family, but know that the child is temporarily raised by them for a short period of time.The campaign shows that "- said Deputy General lamtitkбr.
The program series in Győr included podium talks, musical performances and dance presentations, as well as announcing the county winners of the Impossible Not Named National Cartoon and Short Film Competition in October.
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