Are you just seeing cellulite?

Are you just seeing cellulite?

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According to German experts, the most worrying cellulite in our day, but the most annoying cellulite, is the structural alteration of the female body: amorphous disease, which in turn generates billions in benefits for the pharmaceutical industry.


Cellulite was first written down in 1973 Nicole Ronsard, owner of a New York-based beauty salon. The problem was defined by "combinations of fats, water, and toxic decomposition products" that the body can't begin with. it is absolutely necessary to stop and, of course, treat it before it is over. But a professor at the University Clinic in Hamburg said this was a mistake."Keeping cellulite sick is simply cattle," he said Matthias Augustin to the Süddeutsche Zeitung. "In fact, the complexion in the skin is harmless, and at the very least, it is only optically impaired, which almost always occurs in women, and it can affect the skin in many years." Its fibers hold columnar columns together. The result is a coarse porous texture, almost a grainy skin - as with fresh oranges. In addition, a large amount of the fallopian moisture builds up in the upper layers of the skin, which changes the way the upper body is refreshed. Interestingly, before 1973, nobody was excited about cellulite, even though it was still there. In a 1962 James Bond movie Ursula Andress, the sex-book of the sixties bikini cooled the heart of men. It didn't bother anyone that the skin on his thighs reminded me of the surface of a granular ping pong. Earlier in the centuries Pieter Paul Rubens nйmetalfцldi festх kйpein цrцkнtett at szбmos waving цltцzetы hцlgyet who have szolgбlhattak iskolapйldбjбul the narancsbхr kьlцnbцzх degrees of when "kуrisme" then you have already lйtezett volna.1973 уta turn nхk kйtsйgbeesnek the narancsbхr lбttбn, utбljбk sajбt leg of their йs believe in many sarlatбnnak who they are persuaded to rid them of aesthetic error. It's about money being thrown away, "says Professor Augustin. First of all, the follicular changes are caused by a significant genetic predisposition, which cannot be treated. Second, the majority of therapies recommended for cellulite treatment do not succeed in practice. The Spring 2010 issue of the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology has taken more than 50 procedural steps and none has helped this problem. as a treatment for this thoughtful disease. Cellulite-free creams, gels, oils, vitamins, wraps, electrical treatments, vacuum therapy are estimated to be worth billions of dollars worldwide.
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