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Relationship: You can expect a relationship in Year 3

Relationship: You can expect a relationship in Year 3

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The previously believed week is already one to four years earlier in the most interesting period of a relationship - a British study.

Based on a request from 2,000 British adults, they withdrew their conclusions. Housekeeping, "sneezing", forgetting the crumbs in the bathroom, snoring and more, bring the connection to the fast-paced XXI. century than before.

At some point in the relationship

The harmonious initial period, with less than half the shrinkage, plays a major role in longer working hours and the unstable financial situation. The "qualified majority" of respondents, 67 percent, rated the third year as the most difficult.The survey also topped the list of related things:
  • First Exercise and Exercise, 13 percent made it to the first place
  • The second is money and the no-money debate, 11 percent consider it the biggest trouble.

  • Third place was the work done in many or opposite shifts with 10 percent.

  • Fourth is the neglect of cleansing with 9 percent contact rates.

  • It turns to relatives: the main problem is that pбr Generally, it generates a lot of time to spend on another lawsuit. This is also marked by 9 percent as the highest death harmony.

  • The sixth is the lack of romance, followed by the sexy - 8 percent.

  • In seventh place is the mud with a 7-digit index.

  • Eighth snoring and the resulting anger, and also the "anti-social sleep routine" - what the surveyors did not mean during that time - is not supposed to start -
  • Ninth is fashionable costume, old clothes, underwear to wear - with 4 zeros.

  • THE pearls 'top ten' the tenth place is the bathroom custom, for example the truncation of truncated hairs, hairs. 4 percent said this was the main problem.
baby Room: If you've been through the third, critical year, but your relationship is still running smoothly, you might want to consider asking for help. THE pбrterбpia everybody can reach it today.Related articles in the relationship topic:
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