No need to bathe the newbie immediately!

No need to bathe the newbie immediately!

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According to the previous protocol, after birth, the baby is bathed almost completely, but the experts believe that the first bath can be shifted by a day or two, as it can affect the breastfeeding.

According to the results of a major research if 12 hours (or more) postpone birth of newborn baby, breastfeeding will be more successful, not only during hospital stays, but also later. More than 1000 mothers-to-baby pairs participated in the study. Half of the babies were bathed with some urine after birth, and the baths of others were postponed. It was found that 59.8% of the babies who were soon bathed had an exclusive hospital breastfeeding rate, whereas the proportion of those who were not bathed was 68.2%. The baby in the latter group also had a higher breastfeeding rate even after they were able to go home from the hospital.There is no need to bathe the newborn immediately There are several factors that can play a role in this connection: if you postpone your first bath, spend more time with mother and newborn and the fetal fragrance is preserved. And a newborn scent reminiscent of the womb can help the baby find her breast and start breastfeeding successfully. According to researchers, there may be other benefits to delayed bathing, such as the ability to control and normalize body temperature in the baby after a bath. "Babies bathed immediately after childbirth were somewhat cooler than their smaller bath counterparts. magyarбzzaHeather DiCioccio, one of the leaders of the research. "In our own hospital, at the Cleveland Clinic, we strive to get at least 12 hours with each newborn baby bath, only if the mother does not want to wait. , and Neonatal Nursing cinnamon (via)Also worth reading:
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